MexicoAeromexico will take you to the most unique and desirable destinations in all of Mexico. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, we offer attractive and affordable travel packages that include your airline and hotel reservations. We do all of the work so that you can relax and enjoy the beautiful countryside, delicious cuisine and the rich cultural heritage of Mexico.


Acapulco is a favorite destination for vacation travel. Its beautiful beaches and exciting night life are among the many reasons travelers worldwide choose Acapulco for spending a special vacation, a long weekend or Spring Break. Aeromexico offers attractive packages so you can join the fun.



Named for its delightful thermal springs, Aguascalientes is famous for its silver mines and for the “Feria de San Marcos” held each spring. Come in the springtime, during the fair, and experience the city in a very unique way. Aeromexico offers excellent flights and vacation packages all year long.



Campeche, a picturesque port town with walls and fortresses existing from the early days of the conquistadores, is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy this charming town in Mexico’s southeastern corner. Book your flight now. Aeromexico has excellent packages available.



Heavenly soft sand beaches and a never-ending party await you in Cancun. Take advantage of Aeromexico’s excellent packages and enjoy a memorable vacation in the Mexican Caribbean.



Impressive landscapes, delicious cuisine and friendly people make Chihuahua a favorite destination in Mexico. Aeromexico has some of the best packages for travel to Chihuahua. Make your reservations today.


Ciudad del Carmen

If you are a true nature lover, Ciudad del Carmen is the place for you. Aeromexico’s incredible packages are another reason to fly here. Make your reservations today to experience this remarkable island.


Ciudad Juarez

Ciudad Juarez is one of many Mexican destinations distinguished by its fine cuisine. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you can expect your dining experience to be unforgettable. Take advantage of the great packages and promotions that only Aeromexico can offer.


Ciudad Obregon

What comes to mind when you think of Ciudad Obregon? Delicious barbeque, of course! Come for the food and you will also have a great time learning about this marvelous city. Aeromexico offers many packages to help make it possible.



Looking for a new vacation experience? Visit Culiacan. Aeromexico offers affordable travel packages to this bustling mining city. Make your reservation now and learn about this eclectic destination that blends avant-garde architecture with thermal springs, mining and agriculture.



Are you looking for a unique vacation experience? We recommend the singular city of Durango. Its beautiful landscapes and delicious food will surprise you. Aeromexico has the best airline packages available, book today.



Guadalajara is a well-known business destination; however it has everything to be considered a great vacation spot as well. Aeromexico offers very affordable national flights; check out our packages and make your Reservations.



Thinking about northern Mexico? Visit Hermosillo. It has unique attractions that appeal to both the business and the pleasure traveler. Aeromexico offers the best packages to Hermosillo. Learn about our promotions and purchase your ticket today.


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